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[KSA_Dawah] – Sisters Only – One Day Conference This Friday (5pm UK time)

Forwarded As Received..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه ومن والاه

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

My dear sisters we hope this email reaches you and your families whilst your in the best state of Imaan and health.

We have decided to organize this gathering of knowledge specifically for us sisters for a number of reasons, from them we find that some of us have busied ourselves with other than seeking beneficial knowledge. Sadly some of us have lost the desire and zeal to seek knowledge – that desire we once had subhanAllaah may Allaah correct us. This is a reminder for myself, then to all of you my noble Sisters in Islam, lets strive hard and make a huge effort to study the deen of Allaah ‘Azzawa Jalla, lets work for the hereafter in a manner which will strengthen our level of faith and as a result we shall Please our Lord tabaraka wat’ala. We are all aiming for Paradise, lets aid one another to reach our goal, and by the Permission of Allaah we shall be successful, indeed Success and guidance is from Allaah al Hadi alone. My dear sister remember the Hadith of Allaah’s Messenger salAllahu alayhe wa salam

“The seeking of Knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim..”
The famous Hadith where he Alayhe Salatu wa salam mentioned ” Whoever treads a path of seeking knowledge Allaah will make the path of paradise easy for that individual..”

A beautiful statement from sheikh Muqbil (Rahimahullah):

“How beautiful is knowledge, better than gold, money, better than beautiful women, better then wordly possessions, Inshaa Allaah we will seek knowledge until we die..”

The students of knowledge will touch up some extremely important issues, some of that which we have been effected by in our communities, we invite you all to benefit and take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Tune in, be attentive and spread the word, I pray Allaah grant us all beneficial knowledge, righteous actions and understanding of this perfect Religion.


LIVE VIA : www.Mixlr.com/DawatulMuminaat

Date: Friday, the night of 23th Safar, 1434

meaning: this friday, in shaa’ Allaah.

for those who are not in the uk, convert your time here: timeanddate.com

Location : West London

Time: 17:00 – 22: 00


Mustafa George
AbduLillah Lahmaami
Owais al Hashimi

Umar Quinn

Time and titles of the lectures:

17:00 : Owais al Hashimi : “Qualities of the Successful Sister – as described in the Quran”

18.30 : Mustafa George “Advice for the Female related to Seeking Knowledge and its Etiquettes..”

19. 45 AbduLillah Lahmaami “Hold onto the rope of Allaah and do not divide..”

21: 00 Umar Quinn : “Fear Allaah my sisters, remain steadfast and unite upon goodness..”

PLEASE NOTE ALL lectures will begin promptly and will be broadcasted online via

(no log in required)

Follow us on Twitter & Mixlr for updates concerning the conference


May Allaah allow us to benefit from this gathering of knowledge and bless the brothers for their endless efforts.

BarrakAllaahu feekunna

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